A faster and better way to manage and run patent landscapes and clearance searches

Looking for a way to do more with the same IP budget and run clearance searches at ultra-fast speed? Slate makes it possible by cutting data noise, letting your collaborate in real time with in-house and outsourced team, and showing all the progress at one place.

Increase the signal to noise ratio in data and conduct a clearance search super quick

No or approximately negligible irrelevant patents

Slate categorizes patents in different category and is capable to give you 10 relevant patents from a set of hundreds of patents that are overlapping with your products. This saves a lot of time you would have spent in filtering irrelevant patents.

Form an FTO Opinion Super Quick

Slate is loaded with advance filters and all the patents of your technological areas. This combo allows you find the most relevant patents in less than 10 clicks. Thus, forming an FTO opinion that would have taken hours could be done in few minutes.

Get More Done on Same IP Budget

Slate reduces spending from IP budget by a great margin. If one continues the use, it has compounding effects. After, say one or two years, you will have a powerhouse helping you make FTO related decisions in fewer than 10 minutes which without it would have taken months after first outsourcing the project, then reviewing, then driving insights, and finally creating action plan. Slate helps create action plan right away.

Impactful internal and external collaboration

Slate offers an interactive platform for real time reviews, feedbacks, comments, editing, and collaboration at one place for FTO/Clearance searches, Patent Portfolio Management,

Patent Landscape Analysis. Your team can collaborate with each other and with an external vendor in real time at one place. This keeps everyone on the same page.

Slate, like you, Hates Repeat Work

Slate highlights already reviewed patent that saves you and your team from repeat work like reading and categorizing a single patent again. This, in patent landscape and FTO projects, makes you faster and decrease the length of a project.

Information won’t get lost in your email inboxes

Keeping a tab on different emails from different team mates to get or retrieve information at later stage on all the requests, approvals, or any update on an ongoing project slows you down. Many a time information gets lost inside an inbox. Slate saves you from the trouble by keeping all conversation related to a project at one place.


Context of Every Conversation Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Slate provides a clean collaborative interface that brings conversations of all project members, internal as well as external, at one place. Depending on role, a team member can share his analysis, review, or opinions in real time which keeps everyone on the same page.


Accelerates Learning of Entire Team

Slate helps learning of each team member jump to next level. As everyone working on a project, depending on his role, can see the conversations, it becomes easy for everyone to know what not to do, what to do, what does matter, how in a last project the execution became faster due to a strategy, etc., hence, learning and understanding of everyone accelerates.

Features That Make Sure Everyone is on the Right Track


With different level of reviews, advance filter, and all the conversations at the same place, you’ll be inside a collaborative ecosystem. If you’d rather run such projects in conventional ways, you will find yourself shifting through different emails, excel sheets, and report. Slate frees you from all these old school methods.

You Always Can Re-Categorize a Patent

Slate’s intuitive interface let you know why a patent got categorized under a category. If you find a patent categorized in less relevant category, you can change it.

In Patent Landscape Projects

Slate organizes a patent portfolio based on different nodes, sub-nodes, and categories. You can add or delete a tech node or sub-node or can move a patent from one node to another. Further, you can add new patent set in a tech node.

In FTO Searches

You get patents categorized on the basis of a taxonomy which makes searching a patent for a particular feature of your product easy. Further, you can assign a level of threat– high, low or medium, a patent offers.

In Patent Portfolio Management

You can keep a real time check on competitors’ patent portfolio which will be categorized into relevant technology categories. You can monitor competitors’ activities and if you feel a threat from a patent in a particular tech category, you can consider a prior art search.

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